Hi y'all
I'm Monica. Simply put, I make great content and help create new business.
I create visual content through graphic design, photography, videography and more. My favorite title of all might be Head GIFmaker.
I've worked with different types of organizations all over the U.S. to meet marketing and communication needs through in-house positions and remote contract work.
About Me
I grew up in Amarillo, Texas, the inspiration for the Dixie Chicks' "Wide Open Spaces;" home to the cattle ranchers who sued Oprah; and famous for The Big Texan's 72 oz. steak challenge
Street Cred
•   most Accelerated Reader points at Arden Road Elementary School
•   Randall County spelling bee champ
•   captain of the science bowl team
While my record probably doesn't make me the coolest kid around, I've thrived on competition and loved learning from a very young age. From teaching myself HTML and CSS to watching design tutorials in my spare time, I believe in lifelong learning. I strive to make my work the best that it can be for my employer, my clients and myself.
Contact me to see how I can help you or your organization succeed!
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