As my colleague Hailey and I styled and shot photos to promote the ZTA Traveling Leadership Consultant program, I immediately thought of that gallery wall I've always wanted to create in my apartment (we've all been there, amirite?).
After moving across the country twice and traveling as part of each job I've taken, nothing gets my blood flowing like the possibility of boarding a plane and getting to see a new part of the country. I l-o-v-e the Southern sounds of Van Morrison and the Zac Brown Band, and I've always loved "Colder Weather," especially after seeing ZBB perform the song live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (it's a bucket list venue, friends). Even as my friends and family always tease me about where I'll move next, I've always loved the chorus and identified as having a "gypsy soul."
I took one of my favorite photos from the shoot, illustrated the lyric and framed the finished product. I loved the long, vertical look, and it even inspired me to finally hang that gallery wall with this 12" x 24" print as the centerpiece! It inspires me to walk in every day and see my work on the wall.
Isn't the rhinoceros stylish?
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