While planning was a bit of short notice, it was pretty easy since I was able to drive instead of coordinate airport travel. I was excited to get everything set up over the course of a week.
But no matter how well you plan, sometimes life just happens. It was one of those mornings where you leave your suitcase by the door, the car won't start and you need to hit the road to make the shoot on time. 
After a frantic morning, I was able to clear my head on the open road of I-70 and meet our remote staff members who served as four of our seven models. We hit the campus bookstore to find the best Ohio State gear, hauled around a suitcase full of ZTA apparel and accessories, and met up with the three collegiate Zetas from Dayton who also served as models.
Six hours later, we covered the Ohio State campus and used up all the sunlight in our perfect day. We were tired and a little sweaty, but mostly we were pumped up on Ohio State spirit. After all, any day with buckeye ice cream from Mirror Lake Creamery is a good day.
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