For the past three years, I've created infographics for Miami University's Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. I was tapped for this freelance project by the director of the Cliff office who volunteered for an association I worked for.
These posters are printed on an office printer, so one of the design challenges is not being able to go full bleed. Each year, I've reworked the infographics with new data and new organizational structures at Miami. The posters are printed, framed and hung on the wall in the reception area of the office.
As we wrapped up Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016, we wanted a clean, straightforward way to demonstrate ZTA's impact through our partnerships.
Learn more about ZTA's Think Pink initiatives here.
I created this infographic to demonstrate the importance of digital media in student affairs to support the digital media initiatives of ACPA, a higher education association and former employer.
I was given four hours to sift through 30 pages of research and statistics and create the infographic. While there are definitely things I would change, I am proud of my ability to create under pressure.
In its use on ACPA's website, footnotes were hyperlinks placed below the infographic.
As part of the AFA Annual Meeting coverage, I created an infographic for AFA's magazine and to share snippets on social media. This infographic helped inform our membership, many of whom would often speculate about what the meeting needed based on attendance each year.
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