While I design Perspectives magazine for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, my role in the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values' magazine, Connections, involves editing and writing without design. 
Connections is a volunteer-run publication from the editor to the designer to the editorial board. Staff oversite includes writing one column per issue (see Sorry We're Not Sorry to read a sample of my writing), editing the editor, and providing design feedback.
Connections is written for undergraduate student leaders in fraternities and sororities. The language used in AFLV publications is very casual with a conversational, sarcastic voice.
Below are writing and editing samples of my work. I write a regular column called "Sorry We're Not Sorry." Please see the Sorry We're Not Sorry page to see these columns.
Summer 2013
I wrote this feature article in an issue themed "The Power of One" to give readers ideas to implement a cause that they are passionate about.
Spring 2013
I edited this feature article for grammar, structure, and syntax and brought the article from its original 3,600 words to 2,800 words.
Spring 2013
I wrote this closing column (back inside cover) to breakdown a potential bill that had been discussed in the feature article. We wanted readers to walk away understanding the meat of the act and answer any questions they may have had after reading a heavy feature article.
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